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These activities are designed to enable staff to understand the true impact of what we are doing to the world and to show those attending that there are easy to implement business practices that will not only make their business more environmentally friendly, more sustainable but will also save their company money.

Education for Sustainable Development is not only an important aspect of formal education. It is being promoted by the EU, the UK Government, The Welsh Assembly Government for Wales and the Scottish Parliament as important to all aspects of society including the business community.

It has been proven many times that companies who adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices often benefit financially.

These exciting, fast paced and challenging seminars are designed to the requirements of the company using the services of Plan-It Eco but cover areas such as:

Understanding the true meaning of sustainability.
Human Impacting.
Individual Responsibility.
Local & Global issues.
Cultural Respect.
Making an environmental impact assessment.
Sustainability equals financial savings.
Small steps result in Big Results.
Support Organisations.
Where do we go from here? "Making a Difference"
Sharing good practice.
Saving money for zero outlay.

The overall aim:

To develop within the staff (both individually and collectively) the true desire to make a difference.
To gain within the staff true support for the company's own environmental/sustainability working practices.
For the staff to have the understanding and desire to develop their own sustainable programmes within their working environment.
To encourage staff to become involved in related programmes.
For staff to understand that to implement environmentally friendly business practices and related sustainability programmes does not mean great amounts of extra work.

All enquiries to: Plan-It Eco, 8 LLywn Y Groes, Broadlands, Bridgend CF31 5AJ.
Tel: 07798 802087, e-mail: [email protected] fax: 01656 660198