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Exciting educational trips to Ecuador where we visit the Andes and the Amazon where Students take part in a series of interactive workshops giving them a greater understanding of the environment, sustainability, biodiversity.

This special journey brings so many important aspects of the National Curriculum to life for subject areas such as: Sciences, Geography, Citizenship, RE, Business Studies, Art and Design, PSHE, as well as Maths and IT...

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STUDENTS TO THE AMAZON is a unique opportunity for young people to visit this most important of locations, to experience its biodiversity, to meet local indigenous people whose culture is far removed from our own. The journey allows those taking part the opportunity to understand more clearly the impact the outside world is having on the tropical rainforest both good and bad.

During the trip students have the chance to search for their own solutions to the situation facing the tropical rainforests...

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Aimed mainly at Teachers but also open to people who work for related organisations, local authorities and members of the business sector. This exciting educational trip is designed for all ages and abilities and includes meeting and spending time with the indigenous peoples such as the Quichua Indians and Inca descendants.

This special journey enabling those taking part in the trip to see first hand the importance of these wonderful places...

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