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Educational Trips for Teachers and Business People to the Amazon Rainforest



Plan-It Eco organises a unique and exciting annual trip (now in its tenth year) to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. The trip also includes a stay in the Cloudforest plus visits to The Ecuadorian Andes. Aimed mainly at Teachers but also open to people who work for related organisations, local authorities and members of the business sector. This exciting educational trip is designed for all ages and abilities and includes meeting and spending time with the indigenous peoples such as the Quichua Indians and Inca descendants.

The aim of the trip is varied, for teachers the trip brings many aspects of the national curriculum to life for primary, secondary and further education. This special journey enabling those taking part in the trip to see first hand the importance of these wonderful places. Covering subject areas such as: Sciences, Geography, Citizenship, Business Studies, RE, Art. Tourism Those on the trip gain greater respect and understanding of the people who live in these important locations; people who have lived peacefully for hundreds coexisting with nature.

With this first hand experience it is hoped that teachers will teach these areas of the curriculum with more passion and enthusiasm which they will pass onto their students. In return the students will develop greater interest and involvement in environmental and social issues and events. Gaining a real understanding as to why we need to take better care of the world especially for future generations.

The trip gives business people a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit these important locations for themselves generating greater awareness and understanding of the importance of the environment, and to the need for society as a whole to generate a sustainable future especially in the business community.

The impact of the trip has been truly amazing. Many tell us it has changed their lives. Returning home they look at the impact they are having on the environment both at home and at work resulting in changing a number of their working practices to create a more sustainable environment.

The schedule includes:

4 days at Maquipucuna Cloudforest. This location is world famous for humming birds and orchids also the rare Spectacled Bear. Here the rural people have become our good friends and we have helped with several social projects within the local community including the local school..

This is followed by 4 days in the Amazon staying at The Yachana Lodge part of the Quichua Indian Yachana Foundation. The location is a 3 to 4 hour motorised canoe ride down the Napo River into the Amazon rainforest. Yachana has won many awards for being one of the world's best examples of true eco tourism and sustainability. Yachana has the only boarding school for Amazonian children with their own organic gardens

The last 4 days we travel over the Andes where we visit volcanoes and a number of towns and villages of the Andean peoples. Our trip is as much about people as it is the wildlife and we make a number of stops at the homes of local people where we share cultures and gain an understanding of their views and attitudes to the world we all share.