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Bringing the World, the Environment and the Future into your classroom


Whatever name it is given ESDGC/ESD/SDE is part of a UK government directive supported by regional governments and local authorities. It is important for ALL schools in the UK to adopt the principals of ESDGC. This exciting training day (half day and evening versions are also available) clearly explains the principals of ESDGC and how it fits into school life.


To provide teachers with the understanding as to why ESDGC is so important in today's world; not just for today but for future generations.

To explore and understand the true meaning of SUSTAINABILITY not only in relation to education but also its importance to all our lives.

(Through inter active programmes/activities) To understand the true impact we are having on the environment and the people of the world.

To give teachers a clear understanding that Sustainability and the Environment are already in the national curriculum both for individual subjects and as a cross curriculum theme.

For those attending to realise that bringing ESDGC into the classroom does not mean extra work.

For teachers to be aware of support organisations, resources and materials that exist to help make it easier to bring sustainability, the environment and global citizenship into the classroom.

For those attending to realise that it is not only good practice to bring ESDGC into their classroom but to extend the themes of ESDGC to a point where the operation of running the school on a day to day basis is examined in relation to its environmental impact and sustainability.

To show that by running a school/college in a sustainable way always results in saving money. (often substantial amounts.)

To share good practice. (Ideas and practical experiences.)

Desired outcome:

That those taking part will have a real desire and enthusiasm to bring ESDGC into their classroom, into their subject areas and also into the day to day operational running of the school. To provide educators with the tools to make ESDGC an important part of classroom activities. For those attending to realize the possible financial savings that can be made by adopting the principals of ESDGC.

An example of a teachers/staff training day on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) also known as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Sustainable Development Education (SDE)

Aims of the day (half day and after school sessions are available)

  1. To develop awareness and understanding of the environment and sustainability and how it relates to individuals.
  2. To change perceptions and attitudes, leading to a change in behaviour of those attending the conference.
  3. To increase participants ability to apply the principles of ESDGC/ESD/SDE in both a personal and professional context.
  4. To enthuse those present to bring ESDGC into their classroom for both individual subjects and as a cross curriculum theme.
  5. To enable participants to realise that by working on ESDGC principals in the classroom does not mean extra work.
  6. To increase access to local and national resources, giving increased support to future activities.