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Staff Testimonials

"The messages of the presentation were given in a way that affected not only me but also other members of my family. It made us feel that we can and should do more to protect the environment for our children."
David Phillips, Swansea

"The best course I have ever been on. We must consider the future of this planet."
Staff, Bridgend College

"Phil's honest, unique and interactive style appeals not only to young people but also to members of the general public and professionals in the fields of education, industry and environmental fields." "
Philip McDonnell. Educational Environmental Consultant and former manager of The Environment Centre, Swansea

"The greatest testament to your time spent with us in Armagh has been the number of people I have met in the city brimming with enthusiasm about the event and the issues raised. The significant thing about this is that these people were not actually at your presentations but were fellow teachers, youth leaders and parents of students that had heard your talk. You really have generated genuine enthusiasm for environmental issues here in Armagh."
Nigel Glenny, Education Officer, Armagh City and District Council, Armagh, NI