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Plan -It Eco works closely with a number of company's and business organisations designing seminars, activities and procedures to improve their overall environmental/sustainability impact.

We also carryout environmental/sustainability audits looking at ways to make companies more sustainable while saving them financially often for zero outlay. By running in a more sustainable way businesses inevitably discover they can save substantial amounts of money.

We are only too happy to meet with you to discuss the best way forward. Clients include multi national corporations to small independent operators.

Plan-It Eco has also been asked to be part of a company's stand at trade fairs to meet with potential clients and members of the public to outline the importance of being more sustainable and to promote a clients sustainable/environmental policies and operations.

The most popular part of our work in relation to industry is to run seminars on sustainability and the environment while promoting a company's sustainability policy and operational procedures. Often in compliance with ISO 14001 accreditation and in keeping with the UK governments directive for Sustainable Development.

Our previous clients include a number of multinational corporations as well as small independent companies. Local Authorities also use the services of Plan-It Eco. Previous Client list includes: BP, BP Education, GlaxoSmithKline, Hill Solomon and Associates, MVRRS Ltd, STEM, Humberside EBP, Spelthorne Borough Council, Daccorum Borough Council, Edinburgh City Council, Belfast City Council, Caerphilly County Borough Council, Rotary International.