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Exciting educational trips to Ecuador where we visit the Andes and the Amazon.

The locations for the students are similar to that for the teachers however with the students trip the schedule is slightly different as whenever possible and each location we arrange for students to have a day working with scientists and/or young local people.

Examples of this include at The Yachana Lodge where we arrange for the students to visit the Yachana High school and they go one on one with young people from the Amazon and have a day working in their organic garden. In the Andes we try to arrange a stay at a working lama farm where the students get to work for a day.

At each location the students take part in a series of inter active workshops giving them a greater understanding of the environment, sustainability, biodiversity and Generating a greater sense of cultural respect and global citizenship and the part they, the individual student, play in the world.

This special journey brings so many important aspects of the National Curriculum to life for subject areas such as: Sciences, Geography, Citizenship, RE, Business Studies, Art and Design, PSHE, as well as Maths and IT.

Throughout the trip special workshops take place linking the young peoples experiences to their course work back at school and their lives in the UK.

Quotes from students who have been on the trip (These student were from Cwmtawe Comprehensive School in South Wales)

"I had a taste of a whole new culture. It was the most amazing trip I have ever been on. It was the most enlightening trip and has changed my life forever." Yr 10 student

"During my stay in Ecuador I experienced life in the Amazon in a way I never thought I would. It was an unforgettable experience which will stay with me forever." Yr 10 student

"I think if everyone could experience what we have on this trip then we would not have to worry about sustainability and global warming. This trip has brought so much of my school work to life." Yr 10 student

"What a fantastic time we had. I can honestly say I will never forget my trip to Ecuador I hope I can return one day." Yr 9 student

All programmes and activities run by Plan-It Eco work on their own, but it is the aim of Plan-It Eco to assist and support teachers/lecturers and trainers in their course work.

All programmes can be adapted to include topics that are relevant to the students learning while at the same time remaining relevant to the aims and objectives of the programme.

Follow-Up packs are issued free to those responsible for making the booking. The aim being to encourage aspects of the programmes to be taken further.

If you have any queries, require more detailed information or would like to make a booking for any of the programmes/activities outlined or have enquiries regarding the Educational trips to The Amazon Please do not hesitate to contact Phil Williams of Plan-It Eco.

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