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Pupils Testimonials

"The talk was extremely motivating and helped me greatly with my biology, geography, and political studies as well as gave me a clear understanding of sustainability."
Year 13 student from Wallington High School for Girls, Wallington bp School Link Scheme, London

"Your presentation has given me a very powerful thing...understanding the importance of knowledge and with that knowledge I can help to do my bit."
Year 10 student from Fullbrook School, New Haw

"......sustainability is so important for all of us. I did not understand the importance of this word until I heard your great talk."
Year 8 student from Hassenbrook School, Stanford-Le-Hope

"I had no idea of how we take things from the world until today. The workshop has made me think about the world in a different way and that we all need to protect it."
Year 5 pupil from Little Kingshill Primary School Little Kingshill

"Phil challenged us to think of ways in which we, the future generation can improve the environment of our school......within 2 hours he had changed our attitude on many environmental issues both home and abroad."
Year 9 student from Marlborough School St. Albans Setpoint (Herts)

"Your talk has made me aware just how much the living rainforest gives us here in England. Food, medicines, climate, weather .....we take so much for granted."
Year 8 Student from South Holderness School, Hull

"This interesting presentation made me realise the importance of respecting others especially people in other parts of the World."
Year 8 student from Cornelius Vermuyden School, Canvey Island Essex

"All my friends at school have decided to start an environment club where we can reuse and recycle things......thanks for coming to our school we hope you can come back."
Year 7 student from Parkfields Middle School, Toddington

"The talk you gave us has had a huge impact on our class. We now feel very strongly about finding ways to help improve the way we live to adapt to different ways of helping the environment."
Year 10 student St. Catherine's College; Armagh Northern Ireland

"Since your visit we have all been working hard on getting the Eco Award for our taught me that the rainforest belongs to all of us and that it gives us a lot of things."
Year 5 student from Ley Hill School, Ley Hill