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Programmes and Activities

We have many programmes specially designed for your visit. All of which can be adapted to include related subject/topic areas that are being studied at the time of the visit. Programmes on offer include:


A journey to discover the importance of the tropical rainforests

This challenging inter active programme uses slides, film, music, and a selection of genuine artefacts from indigenous people of the rainforest as we look at the importance of the living rainforest to our lives in the UK. The presentation studies what is happening to these important locations and the effect it is having on us. We then compare the situation to environmental concerns taking place in the UK.

This activity looks at how we take the environment for granted using things that have been grown and produced in other parts of the world. We also look at the people who live in the tropical rainforests whose lives are far removed from our own. This popular programme also covers social responsibility and with the help of the audience we search for answers to many important environmental and ecological issues that have an impact on all our lives.


Enter a unique environment and explore the wonders of the deep

This exciting, fast moving, interactive marine conservation programme explores the wonders of the deep and fragile coral reefs. It also looks at the importance of water to life itself and covers important areas such as fishing and sea pollution, the coasts and human impacting. It also looks at the impact climate change and global warming is having on the seas, oceans and coastal regions around the world. Using slides, videos, visuals and music, the presentation challenges those present to search for answers to many problems facing the waters of the world.


An exciting look at our own environment

This programme was commissioned by The Environment Centre in Swansea and focuses solely on the UK Environment Using multi media format this inter active programme looks at the impact Humans are having on our own environment. Covering area such as: Food production, Reduce; Reuse; Recycle, Litter & Waste Polluting rivers and seas, Habitat loss, Human Footprinting, Farming and fishing, Biodiversity and Sustainability. Air Pollution As with all the programmes we search for answers to many of the environmental problems and concerns that face all of us.

For schools and colleges all of the above programmes cover many topics in the national curriculum and for a number of subject areas. Teacher/lecturer Follow Up packs are supplied free of charge. The programmes can be adapted to include related topics to those being taught in the classroom.


A totally interactive adult style environment/sustainability youth conference

Originally designed for A-Level students this one day event has been so popular it has been redesigned and adapted to suite students from Primary Year 5/6 through Secondary Education to College and University students. *An adapted version has also been run for a number of businesses*

Covering many areas of the national curriculum for subjects such as; Sciences, Geography, Business Studies, IT, Maths, Citizenship, PSHE, RE.

Using computers, film footage, and fact sheets, role play and debate, the students search for answers and present their findings on real life challenges. Challenges that have faced international organisations and multi national industrial corporations. They also look at their own impact on the world both locally and globally as well as their school/college.


School/College Environmental/Sustainability Impact Assessments

Working with a group of students Plan-It Eco spends a day looking at the environmental impact of running your school/college.

Students are assigned to a specific aspect of school operation. Studying the environmental/sustainable aspect of their chosen area the students then write up their findings with suggestions of improvement if necessary. Covering areas such as: Paper usage, litter, waste, energy, heating and lighting, food, transportation, water, the use of the grounds to create a wildlife learning area/environment, personal attitudes and development of an school environment/sustainability policy. Up to 22 areas are covered by the assessment.

The students use a number of classroom skills such as Science, IT, Maths and English to compile their findings and suggestions of improvement into report form.

Plan-It Eco then takes the findings away and spends time researching and writing a final impact assessment report which is bound with the students report and presented to the head teacher, senior management and governors of the school.


Educational Conferences, Teacher Inset/Training Days

Plan-It Eco is regularly invited to speak at teacher/trainer conferences on the need for Environmental Education and the importance of bringing Sustainability into the classroom and into course work

Plan-It Eco designs and runs inset/training days for primary, secondary and further educational institutions, and is invited to speak at staff/faculty meetings on ESDGC/ESD and related topics. Clients include: schools booking directly, local authorities, industrial business educational programmes, and the Welsh Assembly Government for Wales.

More recently Plan-It Eco has been invited to chair and/or run seminars at a number of educational conferences on ESD/ESDGC as well as being invited to be Key Note Speaker at a number of major educational events.