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Key Organisations

Below are key organisations that can assist you and your school in work relating to conservation, the enviornment, sustainability, cultural respeat and social responsibility.

This covers the UK Government and local government educational directive known as:

Many of the organisations have regional education officers who will visit your school to assist in achieving your goals. Also, many of the websites have specific pages for teachers, educators and young people.

The BP Conservation Programme
Birdlife International
Wellbrook Court
Girton Road
Cambridge CB3 0NA
Tel: 01223 277318 Fax: 0123 277200
For a major industrial view of environmental situations.
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)
36 St. Mary’s Street
Oxford OX10 0EU
Tel: 01491 839646 fax: 01491 839646
Will help design and build wildlife and vegetable gardens, ponds and other outdoor areas that you are planning to develop at your school
The Environment Centre
Old Telephone Exchange
Pier Street
Swansea SA1 1RY
Tel: 01792 480200 fax: 01792 480400
For environmental information including education support and contact details
Forest Stewardship Council
Unit D, Station Building
Powys SY18 6EB
Tel: 01586 413916 fax: 01686 412176
Provides information on sustainability activities with regard to wood supply in the UK and throughout the world. If you buy wood or wooden products with the FSC logo it proves that the wood is coming from a sustainable source and therefore not from important and fragile areas of the rainforest.

The Wildlife Trusts
The Kiln Waterside
Mather Road
Newark NG24 1WT
Tel: 01636 677711 fax: 01636 670001
The Wildlife Trust has regional offices throughout the UK. Their work covers local and national wildlife and conservation.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre
219 Huntington Road
Cambridge CB3 0DL
Tel: 01223 277314 fax: 01223 277136
A world renowned organisation focusing on the academic aspects of conservation and sustainability. Includes maps, charts and satellite imagery some of which can be downloaded
The Fairtrade Foundation
Room 204
16 Baldwin’s Gardens
London EC1N 7RJ
Tel: 020 7440 7676 fax: 020 7405 5943
An international organisation aimed at distributing/selling a variety of food and products from around the world. Bought and distributed directly by the organisation from the farmers and makers of the products concerned. The aim being to provide better income for those people who grow and make things for us. In 58 countries over 5,000,000 people benefit from Fairtrade.

Friends of the Earth
26-28 Underwood Street
London N1 7JQ
Tel: 0207 490 1555 fax: 0207 490 0881
International environmental and conservation organisation that covers a vast number of important areas relating to sustainability and environmental concerns.

Landlife National Wildflower Centre
Courthey Park
Liverpool L16 3 NA
Tel: 0151 737 1819 fax: 0151 737 1820
Will sell flowers and plants to schools and charities at a very reasonable price.
Many are protected and/or endangered species of British plants.
They will send you their comprehensive catalogue.

Marine Conservation Society
9 Gloucester Road
Herefordshire HR9 5BU
Tel: 0207 229 2093 fax: 01989 557815
Major international organisation working towards marine conservation, also includes local UK concerns covering wildlife and coastal regions.

Panda House
Weyside Park
Surrey GU7 1XR
Tel: 01483 426444 fax: 01483 426409
Maybe the world’s most famous wildlife and environmental organisation. Sustainability is also a major aspect of their work. Work covers many major areas from local UK situations to major global concerns