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How our actions today impact on the future of the planet


Celebrating 14 years of presenting inter active programmes, lectures, conferences and training throughout the UK working with schools, colleges, universities, businesses and local authorities.

Plan-It Eco is proud to announce the launch of its new programme.


This exciting event covers topics such as:

  • Understanding Climate Change and Global Warming.
  • The Importance of Sustainability and Conservation.
  • Individual Social responsibility.
  • Human Impacting...Product Miles.
  • The Importance of Sustainability and Conservation.
  • Pollution...including Litter, Waste and Energy.
  • Tropical Rainforests.
  • Cultural Respect.
  • Social Responsibility for Futures Generations.

Using live global internet links, film footage and artefacts the programme gives a clear understanding of the importance of creating a sustainable future and answers some very important environmental and social questions.

NATIONAL CURRICULUM LINKS for both primary and secondary education including: Sciences, Geography, Business Studies, Citizenship, Religious Studies and PSHE

PERSONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT includes: Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Ability to Discuss and Debate, Decision Making

The programme fits into national and local government guidelines for EDUCATION for SUSTAINBLE DEVELOPMENT and GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP (ESDGC) also known as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

The programme is flexible and can be adapted to fit the related needs of those making a booking and comes with teachers follow up material.