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Programmes and Activities

Programmes, Workshops and Activities on offer from Plan-It Eco

We have many programmes specially designed for your visit. All of which can be adapted to include related subject/topic areas that are being studied at the time of the visit.

Programmes on offer include...

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Environmental Clubs

Starting and Running an Environmental Club

An Environment Club is beneficial to a school and/or college for many reasons but it will never reach its full potential if only one or two members of staff and a few children are involved.

An ECO club will help to promote, monitor and operate the environment activities of the school/college but the whole school community need to be...

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The 4 "R's"

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In the UK we tend to think that the only thing we have to do to save and protect the environment is to recycle everything.

The government promotes recycling on TV, the sides of buses on radio and in magazines.

However good recycling is (and it is) it will never reach its full potential if it does not come behind Refuse, Reduce and Reuse...

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