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Plan -It Eco works closely with a number of company's and business organisations designing seminars, activities and procedures to improve their overall environmental/sustainability impact. By running in a more sustainable way businesses inevitably discover they can save substantial amounts of money.

We are only too happy to meet with you to discuss the best way forward. Clients include multi national corporations to small independent operators...

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These activities are designed to enable staff to understand the true impact of what we are doing to the world and to show those attending that there are easy to implement business practices that will not only make their business more environmentally friendly, more sustainable but will also save their company money.

Education for Sustainable Development is not only an important aspect of formal education. It is being promoted by the EU, the UK Government...

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Talks & Training

Whatever name it is given ESDGC/ESD/SDE is part of a UK government directive supported by regional governments and local authorities. It is compulsory for ALL schools in the UK to adopt the principals of ESDGC, however it is also advantagous for business to adopt similar principles

This exciting training day (half day and evening versions are also available) clearly explains the principals of ESDGC and how it fits into working life....

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