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Business Testimonials

"Everyone regardless of age must see Phil's workshop presentations."
Julie Bryant, BP Employee, Sunbury

"To gain a standing ovation from teenagers is to manage the impossible."
Sue Allenby, Director, SETPOINT, Herts..

"I found Phil's programme stimulating moving and extremely informative."
Patsy Stanbridge, BP, Sunbury

"Phil's presentations and workshops give me a shot in the arm and remind me that protecting the environment for future generations is so important to all of us. At work and at home we can all do something"
John Barns....Governor of St Clair's High School

"Phil's honest, unique and interactive style appeals not only to young people but also to members of the general public and professionals in the fields of education, industry and environmental fields."
Philip McDonnell. Educational Environmental Consultant and former manager of The Environment Centre, Swansea

"The greatest testament to your time spent with us in Armagh has been the number of people I have met in the city brimming with enthusiasm about the event and the issues raised. The significant thing about this is that these people were not actually at your presentations but were fellow teachers, youth leaders and parents of students that had heard your talk. You really have generated genuine enthusiasm for environmental issues here in Armagh."
Nigel Glenny, Education Officer, Armagh City and District Council, Armagh, NI

"The messages of the presentation were given in a way that affected not only me but also other members of my family. It made us feel that we can and should do more to protect the environment for our children."
David Phillips, Swansea

"Brilliant! The enthusiastic way in which the important issues of the programme such as recycling were put over made me realise the importance of waste management. "
Peter Thomas, Port Talbot

Staff Development Evaluation

Below are the results of our latest evaluation.

Course: E S D G C
Course delivered by: Phil Williams
Date: 6th July 2011
Registered: 21
Attended: 23
Percentage: 110%
1. On the whole the course was:

2. The resources/materials were generally:

3. On the whole the organisation of the course was:

4. Will you be changing any new teaching/learning ideas:
  1. Yes - It has a huge impact on my ideas
  2. I will be changing the way that I think about everything and this will have an impact on sessions that I deliver
  3. Yes, definitely, looking at how I can intergrate ESDGC into all my units, not just Welsh Bacc and daily turning off lights, pc etc
  4. Fully incorporating into WBQ, tutorials, lessons/units & Promoting in course co-ordination
  5. Yes inclusion of ESDGC in the department and within individual sessions
  6. Brining ESDGC into the classroom and making small changes to make a big impact
  7. I intend to include my responsibility for the world in all my lessons from here on in
  8. Yes - Continue to develop and diseminate to all areas within department and across college
  9. Very inspired - on personal and professional level
  10. Yes - 100%
  11. Yes - I will be implementing his ideas in all areas
  12. Yes - Dissemination information to other staff / students - reuse & recycle
  13. Yes - Incorporating ESDGC within my teaching
  14. Incorporating the ideas surrounding ESDGC after is possible
  15. I feel I am more knowledgable on the subject, will look at how ideas can be incorporated as a team in coures not just as an individual

5. From which aspect of the course did you obtain most value and benefit and why?

  1. The best course I have ever been on. We must consider the future of this planet. We are destroying our homes
  2. It made me think of what I can do to change the world
  3. Holistic view of ESDGC, fully relevant anecdotes, engaging speaker - extremely motivational whilst vocationally relevant
  4. The human approach. The shared responsibility. The vast knowledge. The impact
  5. All the messages provided and the sharing of Phil's experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm to make a difference
  6. Implementation
  7. The stories and personal experiences
  8. Everything truly inspirational. Best course I've ever been on!
  9. All of it
  10. Opportunity to hear personal experiences
  11. It made me think of ways we can change our habits of consumerism and ways to improve our relationship with eachother and planet
6. Are there any ways in which you feel the course could be improved?
  1. It was amazing, change nothing!
  2. Would be better for all to attend
  3. Not delivery but IT facility did not work (college problem)
  4. Longer - full day
  5. None (resources did not work)
  6. We had part 1 of 2, worried I will not get part 2
  7. No - it was brilliant
  8. Fantastic as it is
  9. More time and more sessions
  10. Needs to be longer
  11. Every aspect - all timely, relevant, thought provoking
7. Would you recommend the course and why?
  1. Inspirational
  2. All the college should hear this - and the students
  3. Everyone and students should come
  4. A truly inspirational man
  5. To encourage responsibility
  6. We have to wake up and save the planet
  7. Yes - Inspirtional, innovative
  8. Should be mandatory
  9. So emotional and an eye-opener for lesson planning
  10. It made me think about the world more than anything else ever has for a very long time
  11. It was a dynamic and useful presentation
  12. Interesting and relevant
  13. Essential for all staff and students to alter appreciation of the importance of ESDGC
  14. To hear the powerful message
  15. Excellent and motivational
  16. More time - a day session would be ideal
8. Do you have any suggestions for future training?
  1. The best event ever
  2. This course could be rolled out for students and more staff
  3. More of this please! Phil is brilliant
  4. A follow on
  5. More More More
  6. More please, offsite visit
  7. Full session please
  8. Longer, more in-depth sessions
  9. A follow on course
  10. Practical ways of implementing this
  11. Roll out across the college
  12. Follow up sessions to evaluate what changes have been made
  13. Further work
  14. More from Phil Williams