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The 4 R's

In the UK we tend to think that the only thing we have to do to save and protect the environment is to recycle everything.

The government promotes recycling on TV, the sides of buses on radio and in magazines. However good recycling is (and it is) it will never reach its full potential if it does not come behind Refuse, Reduce and Reuse.

REFUSE Refuse packaging on goods and items when it is not necessary.
Refuse to use disposable food cups and containers that are not biodegradable.
Refuse to buy food items that are brought in from abroad when the same food items are grown and/or produced in the UK.
REDUCE Reduce the amount of not necessary items we purchase.
Reduce the amount of waste we produce.
Reduce the amount of paper we use.
REUSE Reuse items and things we purchase rather than just throw them away and buy a new one.
Reuse containers, boxes etc rather than throwing them away for new ones.
Reuse drinks containers.
RECYCLE Recycle all items possible including the composting of all possible food items.

(Reuse means to use something again in the shape it was originally made. Recycle means to break something down and make it into something else.)