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Phil Williams

Since the launch of Plan-It Eco in 1997, Phil has designed and presented over 7,500 programmes to over 650,000 people including workshops/seminars for businesses and local authorities, training days for teachers and interactive programmes to students/pupils and members of the public as well as being invited to be a guest speaker at conferences.

Phil tours the whole of the UK with some locations, venues and schools having booked him every year since the launch of Plan-It Eco. The styles of each activity may vary but the overall themes remain the same. Promoting greater environmental/sustainable and cultural awareness and respect, and from that awareness promote active participation in developing a sustainable and culturally respectful society.

Phil Williams returned to the UK in 1996 after living abroad for 18 years where he worked in theatre and television production as producer and director. For much of that time he was in Central America where he was able to make regular visits to the tropical rainforests of both Central and South America.

He returned home to Bridgend in South Wales to launch his company Plan-It Eco with the aim of promoting environmental/sustainable and cultural awareness and understanding. Through that awareness he encourages people to become more actively involved in developing a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle at home and/or in the workplace.

This is very much in keeping with UK Government, Welsh Assembly Government for Wales and Scottish Parliament guidelines known as:
Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) also known as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Sustainable Development Education (SDE).

Plan-It Eco

With no secretary, no support staff this company of one person runs a number of annual trips to the Amazon rainforest for teachers, people working in different aspect of education and members of the business and media community. Plan-It Eco also assists schools in sending students out to the Amazon rainforest on educational trips. These trips bring many aspects of the national curriculum to life often with life changing results for those taking part.

Phil is regularly invited to be guest speaker at conferences and to run seminars on sustainability and the environment, cultural respect and human impacting as well as teacher training workshops on ESDGC. (ESD) (SDE).

Through Plan-It Eco he also works with members of the business community to develop and promote environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices designing and running surveys, audits, workshops and seminars. In schools and colleges he has approximately a 90% rebooking rate. Some schools/colleges have booked Plan-It Eco every year since it started in 1997.

Many local authorities throughout the UK have hired the services of Plan-It Eco plus organisations such as: Humberside Education Business Partnership (EBP), Countryside Council for Wales, The Environment Centre, SETPOINT(Herts), Petroplus Refining and Marketing Ltd, GOAL, Careers Wales, Rainforest Concern, Rotary International, WWF for Nature (UK), BP and BP Education, , Scout and Guide groups, Multi Faith Organisations.. Educational Organisations and Teacher Training Groups.

The Welsh Assembly Government for Wales.

Local authorities include: Spelthorne Borough Council, Dacorum Borough Council, Hounslow Council, Neath Port Talbot Borough Council, Belfast City Council, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Caerphilly County Borough Council, Edinburgh City Council, Watford Borough Council.